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The ideal Timer for Awakening, Meditation, Yoga, Travel and much more

  • Display with clear progress bar
  • Flexible and individual interval function
  • Countdown function ends your session
  • Wakes you up pleasantly with the gong of a singing bowl
  • Singing bowl and 3 more sounds selectable

Clear display with Enso progress circle

  • Enso means "circle" in Japanese and symbolizes enlightenment, elegance and the universe. Traditionally, the circle is painted with a single brush stroke, with the beginning and end at the bottom circle.
  • According to this tradition, the outer circle of the display slowly and continuously fills up, indicating the progress of time. A quick glance at this circle is sufficient to estimate how much time has passed approximately.

Use the flexible and individual interval function

  • Up to 99 time units of different lengths can be programmed, which can run one after the other and result in a complete session. You can design your yoga sets and meditation completely individually.
  • An interval of the same length can be repeated up to 99 times (Repeat), e.g. to gently signal the change of hands for a Reiki treatment.
  • At the end of each time unit, the signal you have selected can be heard: a singing bowl, a Tingsha-bell, a wooden percussion or a conventional beep.

End your session gently with the countdown function

  • Finishes gently your meditation, Reiki treatment, Yoga set or therapy.
  • The Enso circle on the display shows the progress of time in equal steps. Thoughts about time can completely let you go.
  • At the end of the time unit, the signal you have selected can be heard:  singing bowl, Tingsha bells, wooden percussion or a conventional beep. In addition, the display is softly illuminated
  • The signal is generated twice at the end of the session at intervals of 10 seconds.

The Enso Pearl is an extraordinary alarm clock

  • Let the gentle gong of a singing bowl wake you up in the morning and start the day completely relaxed!
  • You can also choose from 4 other sounds (see below).

Choose your favorite sound

Singing Bowl
Wooden Percussion



gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Time, switchable between 12 h and 24 h Format
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Alarm clock with snooze function (9 min)
 3 sequences each with up to 99 intervals of different lengths can be stored
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Countdown timer: single interval or up to 99 repetitions (Repeat)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Countup-Timer (Stop watch)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Timer display switchable between hour-minute and minute-second
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  5 different sounds: singing bowl, Tingsha meditation bells (2x), wood percussion and beep
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Volume level adjustable in 10 steps
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Illuminated display (at the touch of a button several seconds)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Integrated fold-out stand on the back of the watch
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Housing: plastic
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Dimensions: diameter 9.7 cm, depth 2.1 cm
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Weight 100 g (without batteries)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Delivery incl. 2 AAA batteries
(Information to battery disposal)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg  Including velvet-like protective bag for transport

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