Shipping costs

Our shipping costs are fair, because we only charge the actual costs for shipping and packaging. We ship with Deutsche Post and DHL.

All prices plus statutory value added tax.

Shipping within Germany

to 2 kg 4,50 €
2 kg and more

6,00 € per parcel
(max 30 kg oder 120 x 60 x 60 cm pro parcel)

bulky goods
(> 30 kg or > 120 x 60 x 60 cm)
25,00 €

Shipping to EU countries

less than 0,5 kg 6,90 €
0,5 kg - 1,0 kg 9,50 €
1,0 kg and more 11,90 € plus 1,00 € per every kg shipping weight

Shipping to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway

less than 0,5 kg 6,90 €
0,5 kg - 1,0 kg 9,50 €
from 0,5 kg 15,50 € plus 1,50 € per every kg shipping weight

Shipping to North America

less than 0,5 kg 6,90 €
from 0,5 kg 27,20 € plus 5,10 € per every kg shipping weight

(Subject to change and depending on the actual dimensions/weight of the shipment. Prices plus statutory value added tax)


Payment methods

The following payment options are available:

  • Pre-payment with 2% discount
  • SEPA Direct Debit within the EU. The direct debit is collected after 7 days with 2% discount
    You issue us with a SEPA direct debit mandate, which must be signed by you with a legally binding signature and sent to us in the original by post. We will be pleased to provide you with a form for this purpose. This payment method is available to you from the 2nd order on.
  • Invoice within 14 days without discount. Is only possible from the 2nd order.

Minimum order value

The minimum order value is 20 EUR net. If the minimum order value is not reached, we have to add a surcharge of 5,00 EUR net.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.