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Relaxation with soothing well-being sounds

The Zaphir chime, also known as Shanti chime, is handmade in France. Each chime is tuned to one sound and available in 5 different melodies!

As soon as the zaphir chime starts to vibrate, a small plate inside the sound cylinder gently touches eight rods of different lengths, which are arranged in a circle at the bottom of the sound cylinder. Harmonic, very melodious chords can be heard, which appeal to our innermost being and spread a feeling of well-being.
Zaphir chimes are wonderful for ending a meditation, but also as a sonorous Feng Shui wind chime.
Natural frequencies
The different harmonies in combination with the individual timbres of the instruments and the splendid colours easily create associations with the natural vibrations of the seasons, the elements, the chakras. This is also the reason why these chimes are often used in the field of music therapy, for relaxation, meditation or simply to feel good.
Natural product
Natural materials are used in collaboration with regional artists.
Colour and marble technique
A special oil-coloured marble technique has been used to create a new colour creation that gives each sound a unique character. Each chime is available in any colour and is delivered according to availability.
Zaphir chimes are available with these colours: colour 1: dark red, colour 2: persian red, colour 3: salmon red, colour 4: pink, colour 5: light orange, colour 6: dark yellow, colour 7: light yellow, colour 8: gold, colour 9: olivegreen,
 colour 9a: pinegreen, colour 10: snow white, colour 11: arctic white, colour 12: turquoise, colour 13: sea blue light, colour 14: sea blue dark, colour 15: sky blue, 
 colour 16: egytian blue, colour 17: blue, colour 18: light blue-violet, colour 19: violet-blue, colour 20: violet-red
Protective cover
The outside of the Zaphir chime is covered with a protective film, the inside was painted with a resistant paint to protect it from the weather. In the outer area they should be hung up protected from the weather.
Sound sample:
Crystalide - Spring lautsprecher.jpg
Sunray - Summer lautsprecher.jpg
Twilight - Autumn lautsprecher.jpg
Sufi - The Sufi Dance lautsprecher.jpg
Blue Moon - Winter lautsprecher.jpg
Possible uses
  • The melodic sound brings you gently out of your meditation
  • Used outside, a gentle breeze is enough to surprise you with an unexpected melody...
  • Babies and children also love the gentle Zaphir chime

Shipping weight: 0,20 Kg
Dimensions: 125 mm high, diameter ca. 65 mm, weight 135 g
Deliverable colors: See color palette in the description
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