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Japanese incense spirals for long-lasting fragrance (approx. 120 min!)

These incense coils from Hana-no-Hana exude deep and long-lasting scents of lily, violet and rose. Ideal for relaxation - whether for meditation, yoga or a wellness treatment.

With the historic Hana-no-Hana series, you will encounter unique art nouveau design and exclusive premium fragrances from Nippon Kodo. With unique floral fragrance elements in the top note and a long-lasting sandalwood-musk aroma in the base, each incense coil refines your ambience. The new Hana-no-Hana range combines traditional Far Eastern culture with Western fragrances to create an unforgettable experience.

In the range you will receive all three varieties of rose, violet and lily.

Wonderful fragrances:

  • Rose: Based on the exquisite rose, you can expect a brilliant, sweet, floral-woody fragrance made with premium Indian sandalwood and enriched with a soft musk aroma.
  • Violet: The light scent of a lovely bouquet of violets in the top notes and a long-lasting sandalwood musk aroma in the base.
  • Lily: With a focus on fresh white lilies, you can expect a green-floral fragrance - bittersweet like leafy greens. It is a dignified green-floral-woody fragrance made with premium Indian sandalwood and enriched with a soft musk aroma.



  • contains 12 coils (4 per fragrance)
  • approx. 120 min. lasting, flowery-woody fragrance
  • in a noble box made of palouwnia wood
  • art nouveau inspired design
  • incl. ceramic incense holder


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