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Großhandel für Koshi-Klangspiele, Zaphir Klangspiele und Klangspiele von Woodstock

Zaphir & Koshi Chimes, Woodstock-Chimes

The handcrafted chimes by Zaphir, Koshi or Woodstock are well known by customers and have been bestsellers for years. They sell very well all year round. They are popular as gifts, but also for personal use. Due to their price, the sales threshold is low and they are gladly taken along in the shop.

Großhandel für japanische Räucherstäbchen von Nippon Kodo

Japanese Incense

Nippon Kodo incense sticks are among the best in the world. Their quality and the wide range of fragrances make them bestsellers. There are different holders for the sticks to match. For a sales-promoting presentation, we have displays for the sales counter or the shelf.

Großhandel für indische und buddhistische Statuen


The selection of statues ranges from Asian gods to Christian angel figures and meditation figures for house and garden. The Buddha figures are particularly popular and therefore variants are available. Ganesha is one of the bestsellers, as well as the statues of Christ and Mary Magdalene. The statues do well on the sales shelf at eye level.

  Großhandel für Asia Lampen

Asia Lamps

These lamps are characterized by their beautiful Asian-Japanese style. The lampshades are made of rice paper or fine cotton, which spread a soft, pleasant light in the room. The lamps are available in different sizes and in light or dark wood. They can be used as sales-promoting spot lighting in business premises.

  Großhandel für Wellnessusik, Entspannungsmusik, Meditationsmusik, Yogamusik und vieles mehr

Musik CDs

Music for relaxation, yoga, meditation or wellness. Among them are well-known artists like Deuter, Karunesh or Snatam Kaur. Guided meditations, audio books and DVDs. Tip: The music played in the background sells particularly well in shops.